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Spanish for Travel and Personal Relationships

has an innovative program for people of all ages who want to learn Spanish whether they need it for a personal or business travel, and to relate more effectively with others whether it is at school, at work, or in their day to day life. At Let's Talk Spanish we believe that it is of vital importance to learn the culture, customs, as well as traditions of your travel destination in order to have a more pleasurable stay. Geography is also essential as well as certain idiomatic expressions along with emphasis on the speaking portion of the language. At the end you will have to speak the native language wherever you go!

Let's Talk Spanish offers a conversational approach to its lessons for those who want to relate and be understood by others in an effective way. Let us know if you want us to make emphasis on the conversational aspect of the Spanish language and we will be more than happy to assist you.

What are the advantages of joining "Spanish for Travel and Personal Relationships" at Let's Talk Spanish Tutoring?

  • You set the location in which you want the tutoring sessions to take place. We go to your home or meet you at a public library or a café. Whatever it is more convenient for you.
  • We put emphasis on the spoken portion of the language and on teaching you the culture and customs of specific Spanish speaking countries.
  • We are local and conveniently located near your home!
  • Our classes are specifically designed to meet your individual needs. We will design an individualized curriculum to fit your needs.
  • You set the frequency and the duration of sessions which can typically range from one and a half hours per week to four hours per week or more.
  • You have the opportunity to practice and develop your conversational skills with one of our native tutors.

We attend the entire Bay Area.

  • San Ramon

  • Dublin

  • Pleasanton

  • Danville

  • CALL US AT : 925-339-8930

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