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Spanish for Business and Professionals

provides Spanish for Business and Professionals. We facilitate the learning of the Spanish language with a convenient and solid methodology that will put you at ease in academic situations as well as in daily living situations. Whether your goal is to advance in your career, update and improve your Resume with new skills, apply for a bilingual position, go back to school, or relate in a more efficient way with your coworkers and with people from other countries, Let's Talk Spanish is a powerful resource in the accomplishment of these goals.

Our program is designed for individuals who hold careers in the business world as well as for those in the fields of law, medicine, journalism, teaching, psychology, engineering, economics, finance, and many other professions.

What are the advantages of joining "Spanish for Business and Professionals" at Let's Talk Spanish Tutoring?

  • You set the location in which you want the tutoring sessions to take place. We can go to your home, work, or meet you at a public library or a café.
  • The pace of the tutoring sessions depends on you and the tutor. There is no pre-established curriculum so we can advance as much as you want.
  • Sessions will always be exciting! We offer a variety of activities and exercises that will always keep you entertained and motivated to learn more.
  • Our activities are specifically designed to make you a master in the academic arena as well as in day to day situations. We focus on your specific needs whether they are speaking, learning the new vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, writing, listening, or a combination of all this aspects.
  • All of our tutors are native and have been through the same experience of learning a second language as you so they can relate to you.
  • We are local and conveniently located near your business!
  • You will receive one-on-one instruction unlike learning centers, academies, or institutions in which large groups of students are taught at once and no attention is paid to each of the student's individual needs.
  • You set the frequency and the duration of sessions which can typically range from one and a half hours per week to four hours per week or more.

We attend the entire Bay Area.

  • San Ramon

  • Dublin

  • Pleasanton

  • Danville

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