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High School Spanish

offers a specific program for high school students who are currently taking Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4 Honors, and AP Spanish 5. Our private tutors at Let's Talk Spanish are carefully trained to help prepare your teenager for an upcoming test or benchmark, guide them throughout their school year in their Spanish class, assist them with the completion of their homework, and boosting their overall Spanish grade. Our company strives to push your high school son or daughter so they obtain an A in their class, and will significantly improve the retention and acquisition of the Spanish language.

What are the advantages of joining "High School Spanish" at Let's Talk Spanish Tutoring?

  • You set the location in which you want the tutoring sessions to take place. We go to your home or meet your high school student at a public library or a café. Whatever it is more convenient for you.
  • Your high school student will be prepared to enter college because one of the requirements is a second language.
  • We supplement the school material with our own methodology in order to give the student the opportunity for further practice.
  • Sessions are specifically tailored to meet your teen's individual needs. We focus on the student's specific needs whether they are grammar, speaking, learning the new vocabulary, reading comprehension or a combination of all the aspects of the Spanish language.
  • Your high school student gets the opportunity to learn with a Native Private Tutor who knows not only the language but also the culture of Spanish speaking countries.
  • We are local and conveniently located near your home!
  • You set the frequency and the duration of sessions which can typically range from one and a half hours per week to four hours per week or more.

We attend the entire Bay Area.

  • San Ramon

  • Dublin

  • Pleasanton

  • Danville

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