Our Levels

Level 1: Seeds - Beginners

Our students in levels 1A and 1B at Let's Talk Spanish are called Seeds. Our students from these levels start out as seeds. They are receptive of new knowledge, and they want to grow themselves intellectually as well as culturally.

Let's Talk Spanish offers them the solid foundations in order to advance as quickly and as motivated as possible to the intermediate levels.

Level 2: Plants - Intermediate

Our students in levels 2A and 2B at Let's Talk Spanish are called Plants. Our students from these levels have begun to sprout into plants.

They have already been formed with the basic knowledge from level 1. The student has developed from seeds to plants acquiring the intermediate knowledge of the Spanish language. Let's Talk Spanish makes this a real possibility!

Level 3: Flowers - Advanced

Our students in levels 3A and 3B at Let's Talk Spanish are called Flowers. Our plants from level 2 blossom into the flowers of level 3.

Let's Talk Spanish makes it possible for students from levels 3A and 3B to take on the most advanced tasks because they already have the knowledge to do so.


The results of having taken and passed all the six levels are the FRUITS produced.